Weld Profile System

Weld Profile System - Stand Alone

IIS Weld Profile System – Stand Alone

The On-Line Weld Profile system provides the internal and external profile of the? product tested, along with its thickness.

For accurate measurement and display, the system uses the Time of Flight method and sound velocity, which is constantly adjusted for coupling temperature. The temperature and coupling alarms prevent damage, while the material thickness and profile alarms notify the operator when the product does not meet calibration parameters.

The Weld Profile system features:

High quality enclosure, which includes spare parts, APC UPS with voltage regulator, external industrial strength touch screen controls.
Audio and visual alarm outputs.
Robust industrial computer with chemical resistant keyboard.
Paint marking outputs for defects and coupling alarms.
Climate controlled industrial enclosure with protected monitor.
On-Screen digital chart recorder and A-Scan display.
Channel parameter set-up and identification by operator.
Robust mechanics with vertical adjustment, scan speed adjustment and automatic motion and testing.





IIS Weld Profile - Attached to Online UT

IIS Weld Profile – Attached to Online UT

Uses advanced actuators and control systems to ensure accurate test head positioning while constantly monitoring height limits and safeguarding against damage.
Sealed actuators and rollers have lifetime warranty. They are built to withstand harsh environment, and they are easily and quickly replaceable if necessary.
Mechanics are manufactured with unique patent-pending collision avoidance and position awareness systems.

Ranges of 2.5” to 10” OD are possible with our unique test head design that is built to span a wider range of diameters without the need for shoes.
Offered in a variation that can attach to existing on-line system to provide smaller footprint without compromising quality or design.

Vertical adjustment easily accomplished with the push of a button. An industrial strength motor moves and holds the position of the mechanics.
Automatic positioning from testing to calibration positions can be performed with simply use of a button.
High-grade motors is used for scanning that is produced by leading Swiss manufacturer.





System status displayed on hardened colour touch screen:
Highlights damaged areas and displays mill signals.
Touchscreen can troubleshoot particular problem area so less time wasted finding issue.
IIS uses industrial computers with our systems to prolong the life of the computer. Includes chemical resistant and waterproof industrial keyboard and mouse.
HMI provides various password-protected modes for users.
Maintenance mode also available for repairs that allows the by-pass of various signals, in order for problems to be solved sooner.
Fully customizable HMI screen where functions and multiple screen pages can be personalized to meet your company’s needs.


Industrial Cabinet

Rittal enclosure comes complete with air conditioning, protected input/output external electrical ports, secure mill conduit connection ports, shelves, and customizable space.
For a compact options, the cabinet can be suspended from mechanics, allowing it to to swing and provide workstation or UT screen visibility to the operator.
Regular cabinets feature additional external industrial monitor that is placed on a heavy-duty swing arm.

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