On-Line UT Testing System

IIS On-Line Cabinet

IIS UT Cabinet

At Industrial Inspection Systems (IIS), we offer the On-­Line UT system for companies that are rapidly adapting in order to meet the changing demands of the industry, and keep their operations at peak production levels.

The multi­channel On-­Line UT is designed with your company in mind, making it highly customizable before and after delivery. Additions and adaptations can easily be made so you are up­ to­ date with the latest electronics and mechanics. You will not be concerned about needing to purchase an entirely new system in the future.

Our on-line system features:

    Industry standard Rittal cabinet arrangement
    Compact On-Line gantry configuration automated control and positioning system
    System-wide voltage regulator and UPS cabinet climate controlled patented collision avoidance
    Position awareness system
    Free hardware and software upgrades during warranty period
    Critical spare parts stored on site, paid for only if used.

All features are designed to maximize the productivity of your business, by minimizing the number of unnecessary features. We offer the freedom and flexibility of a custom built design without the expensive price tag.


Mechanics Features


Proprietary, patented collision avoidance and position awareness system that minimizes damage to the mechanics. Much of the repairs are simple enough to be performed by an employee, with no need to call an engineer.

Precision laser positioning system can automatically position mechanics. Separate paint marking signals for ID, OD and coupling channels allow for distinction to be easily made between the different types of defects.

System has APC uninterruptible power supply and voltage regulator that allows for safe system sundown after losing power. This ensures settings can be returned to a safe, stand­by mode. IIS transducers allow for instant coupling acquisition since we do NOT use a water column design. Our transducer shoes are made of hardened steel and have a lifetime warranty. Sealed actuators and rollers built to withstand harsh environments.

The system can accommodate a Weld Profile System, as an add on. The Weld Profile can be seen highlighted in blue, on the IIS On-Line Mill Assembly image.


IIS Online UT - Mechanics

IIS On-Line UT – Mechanics

IIS On-Line Mill Assembly - Mechanics

IIS On-Line Mill Assembly






System status is displayed on industrial HMI, highlighting the damaged areas, mill signals, and a variety of customizable status signals. Industrial­grade computers, to prolong the life of the system, and able to handle 4­16 channels. Data from the computer is transferred automatically to a processing computer (in QA office or elsewhere) to ensure no information is lost and productivity is kept high. Integration with mill database makes for more accurate data processing. Includes chemical resistant and waterproof industrial keyboard and mouse. Internal printer is available that allows easy access to copies of settings, calibrations or activity reports in field. Maintenance mode available for repairs, allowing to by­pass various signals. Fully customizable HMI screen where functions and multiple screen pages can be personalized to meet your company’s needs.


Across product compatibility on all IIS products. This allows for minimal spare parts to be stored on site. Transducers, transducer shoes, Transducer holders, cables and many more critical parts are interchangeable across all our products.


Industrial Cabinet

Rittal enclosure comes complete with air conditioning and filter, secure mill conduit connection ports, shelves, and operator customizable storage space.

Additional external industrial monitor that is placed on a heavy­duty swing arm. This can also be used for the Weld Profile System. External mounted audible and visual alarms.

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