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IIS Mobile UT

IIS Mobile UT


At Industrial Inspection Systems, we understand the need for a flexible product that can be used for daily testing, or as a fully functioning on-line system back-up. We want to ensure your company can always be productive and downtime is minimized as much as possible.


As the most versatile system, the Mobile UT can be used in two common situations: as a standalone mobile system, or as a back up to an online system.  The mobile system is guaranteed to minimize downtime in the case of an On-Line UT system fatal failure, thereby allowing production to continue. It is the ultimate insurance policy against ceased operations caused by relying solely on one online system. The mobile system is used to reclaim the products in a lower category, and to verify the type of defects picked up by the On-Line UT.


This solution is designed to offer low set-up time, quick connects for efficient and flexible transport, and a computer system that is capable of mobile, on-line non-destructive testing (NDT) use. This light yet sturdy technology allows for every day use, or utilization in place of an online system. Flexible and robust, this mobile system is specially designed to adapt to your business’s needs.





Electronic Features

IIS Mobile UT - To Scale

IIS Mobile UT – To Scale


OLYMPUS OmniScan 4 channel UT system.
Independent audio and visual alarms for defect and coupling per channel. 16 alarms completely configurable on single-gate events or multiple-gate events, filter for occurrences from one or multiple channels.
Internal and external data storage available using Ethernet or USB.


Lockout screen options with password to prevent operator change.
Interface gates for immersion testing.
3 gates per channel individually assignable with either positive and negative triggering.
Touch screen with mouse and keyboard capability for flexible use.
12KHz total PRF divisible by the number of channels used.
USB port for printer use.


Sealed and compact construction perfect for demanding environments.
Monitoring of amplitude, peak position, crossing-level position, and thickness on each gate.
Built in encoder capability for optional defect sizing using encoder on hand held mechanics.
Rittal enclosure allows operator to easily move entire system where required and space for paperwork.
Non focused transducers custom made by Panametrics for IIS Ltd, allowing for more weld skew.




IIS Mobile UT - Mechanics

IIS Mobile UT – Mechanics


Robust anodized aluminum mechanics preventing rust and saving weight for ease of use.
Mechanics linked to electronics with 30’ umbilical chord allowing for easy of use for longer product.
Minimal coupling required during testing allowing for a dry work environment and low coupling consumption, due to transducer design.


Optional encoder mount for defect sizing is available to be used with OmniScan C Scan modes
Coupling and Defect indicators on the handle.
Action button on the handle captures defects as JPEG file son electronics without leaving the mechanics.
Laser alignment for mechanics to weld seam, allowing operator quick alignment during testing.


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